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The Harvest Quest :Cathedral Peak- Drakensberg- South-Africa
Cathedral Peak in The Drakensberg above our Farm when I was a Boy.

About The Purpose of This Site – The Harvest Quest

My life comes down to this one thing – There was a quest for God that started when I was a child – a Quest for God – who seemed to get more distant as I grew up. Then when I had voiced my desperation and vowed to give up – there was a response that I could only attribute to divine direction. Some months in – Wham! The reality of His mercy and love broke in. And soon the quest became a quest for spiritual harvest, hence the Harvest Quest which became the outcome of this encounter a motivation of my life from that time on.

The Soil of My Roots.

I am a South African living in Scotland, with years in pastoral ministry in the United Kingdom since 1996.

ChrisMost of my growing years were on a farm in Natal, now KwaZulu Natal Province, where my parents moved when I was about 10 years old.  My friends were the Zulu children on the farm and I soon became a fluent Zulu linguist and grew up understanding much of their culture and history.  I came unto the experience of Christ as Saviour in my 20th year and my life was changed so much that my introversion disappeared. I was invited to share with rural African groups, which lead to a preaching ministry in remote churches, forest clearings, huts, farm barns and church planting denomination and non-denominational.

I believe that God is at work in the world in and through people, whether they are involved in a structured denomination or not.

This blog was started over 6 years ago but was abandoned for ministry priorities when we moved to the Scottish Borders to a pastoral ministry with Elim Community Church there, formerly known as Abundant Life.

So I come back to this blog in “retirement” – and the pandemic “Covid 19” started as we were still doing our settling in and unpacking.

As I am used to being part self-supporting during much of the ministry years, I started another online business venture to supplement a small pension during these times. See The Coffee Rush and order something if you are into freshly roasted coffee. This is about enabling the tasks I still need to do as I go into this new chapter in God’s plan.

Some Purposes for This Website.

Keeping in touch with thoughts on what God is doing in our world today. How do we respond to God and to the needy cry of people who are needing Him?

I need to write! Write a book, which has been on my heart for a long time. This came to me over eight years ago. but I was not open to it. Things have crystalised over time and recently I received a direct word from someone I have never met before. So I should put my hand to the pen and trust God to give me the pen of a skillful writer! Ps.45:1.

I need to write down stories. As I reflect during this season, a number of them have come up. Stories that are relevant to life. I find that they are African stories, strangely, the ones that happened around me, about people, events and incidents that happened. They are the most meaningful.